Sabotaging 60 olive saplings in Turmus’ayya/ Ramallah governorate

Sabotaging 60 olive saplings in Turmus’ayya/ Ramallah governorate


  • Violation: sabotaging olive saplings.
  • Location: North – East Turmus’ayya / Ramallah governorate.
  • Date: 18/12/2018.
  • Perpetrators: Settlers of “Adei Ad”.
  • Victims: Farmer Abdullah Hazmeh.


18 December, a group of fanatic settlers from “Adei Ad” settlement sneaked into “Khallet Sabha” area north-east Turmus’ayya, settlers sabotaged 60 olive saplings aging 5 years old from a dunum of olive grove that belongs to Abdullah Hazmeh (56).

The area after the attack

According to the owner, the land was subjected by several Israeli attacks before , as it is 1 km away from the outpost that connects “Amihai” and “Shilo”.

Field observation shows that this is the second attack within 48 hours, preceded by another attack targeting 244 olive saplings at a close by location.

Mayor of Turmusa’yya, Rasmi Shehaded stated that the Agricultural commission and agricultural NGOs with Turmus’ayya municipality will support farmers in the targeted area , through opening agricultural roads, and providing saplings, in order to support their steadfastness.

About Turmus’ayya:[1]

25 km to the north east of Ramallah city, Turmus’ayya  has a population of 3736 people (2007 census). Its total land area is 18139 dunums, of which 1350 dunums are considered built-up area. About 11218 dunums of  Turmus’ayya lands are classified as  Area B (PA is in charge of civil matters with Israel responsible of security) where 6921 dunums are classified as  Area C (Israel maintains full security and administrative control).

The Israeli occupation confiscated vast areas from the village for the benefit of the following colonies:

  1. Shilo and Mizpe Rahel devoured 1023 dunums
  2. Mizpe Rahel  devoured 706 dunums
  3. The bypass road number 60 stole 12.5 dunums




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