Israeli colonists assault Palestinians and properties in Qalqiliya

Israeli colonists assault Palestinians and properties in Qalqiliya

Violation: colonists attacks

Location: Far'ata village

Date:  January 11, 2018

Perpetrators: Havat Gilad colonists

Victims: Three Palestinian families



A group of colonists from Havat Gilad outpost raided on January 11, 2018 the eastern neighborhood of Far'ata village and attacked some Palestinian houses, rendering windows crashed and other properties damaged.  Neighbors rushed to help and colonists fled the area. Reportedly, windows of three Palestinian houses were smashed, the damaged were as follow:

  1. House of resident Ali Shana'ah: the residence got four windows smashed
  2. House of Hasan Al-Tawil: the residence got five windows smashed
  3. House of Adli Al-Tawil the residence got one window smashed and the door lock sabotaged

It is worth mentioning that the eastern neighborhood has underwent various attacks by Israeli colonists. Violations and attacked were represented in torching cars, burning crops and holding provocative marches in the area.


Photos 1-8:  part of the damages caused


Havat Gilad in lines: 

 The colonists of Havat Gilad are the grandchildren of Zohar, one of the biggest colonists in the West Bank. They collaborate with Kiryat Arab' colonists to form gangs that attack farmers. 5 years ago, a number of colonists under the protection of the Israeli occupation army confiscated vast areas of (Tell, Sera, Faraata, 'Ammatin) villages to build an outpost that soon expanded to be Gilad Zohar farm. And along with its foundation, the suffering of people nearby began.


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 The Land Research Center

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