Israeli Occupation Forces confiscate garbage truck in Tubas governorate

Israeli Occupation Forces confiscate garbage truck in Tubas governorate

Violation: confiscation of a truck

Location: Ainun area- Tubas

Date: December 08, 2016

Perpetrators: Israeli Occupation Forces

Victims: residents of Tubas



On Thursday, December 08, 2016 Israeli Occupation Forces confiscated a garbage truck (Volvo 1999) that is owned by Tubas Joint Council for Solid Garbage.

The municipal member, Omar EInabosi, told Land Research Center the following:

" At the noon of Thursday, we were surprised to see some forces from the Israeli occupation army confiscating the truck on the claim of it being present in a "closed military zone". The truck is used to move garbage from Tubas to a collecting station that is 3 km to the east of governorate"



Photo1 : the minutes of confiscation that was given to after seizing the truck



Photos 2+3: the dump in Einun


Einabosi also said:

" The collecting station has been used since tens of years by the municipality without facing any problem with the occupation. The Israeli occupation is now harassing us and the farmers of the area as well; it bans the municipality from using the lands of Einun and now confiscates garbage trucks . This is a new strategy"

It should be marked that the occupation forces moved the confiscated truck to a military base located next to Ma'ale Efrayim colony and imposed a big financial fine on the truck.

Noteworthy, Israeli occupation troops were reported to conduct military trainings in the area of Palestinian Jordan Valley (A l-Ghoor), causing damage and losses at the levels of humans and nature.



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