Israeli Occupation Forces confiscate five tractors from Tubas governorate

Israeli Occupation Forces confiscate five tractors from Tubas governorate

Violation: confiscation of tractors

Location:  Sahel Al- Bikai'a area

Date: October 31, 2016

Perpetrators: Israeli Occupation Forces

Victims: five Palestinian families



A massive force from the Israeli occupation army raided on October 31, 2016 the area of Sahel Al-Bikai'a, east of Tammun village in Tubas governorate and confiscated five agricultural tractors from Al-Ras AL-Ahmar hamlet on the claim of them being present in "closed military zone"

Farmer Thaer Bsharat told Land Research Center the following:

" The five tractors were used to move water to the Bedouin community of AL-Ras Al-Ahmar and as a mean of transportation in addition to moving fodders to the affected community"

The Israeli occupation claims the area as "closed military zone". And thus confiscations are justified.

The responsible of the Palestinian Jordan Valley file, Mu'taz Bsharat, told Land Research Center the following:

"  The main reason Israel practices such pressure on framers is to push them out of the area. The occupation conducted too many demolition operations in there. Today, it continues on the displacement plan by confiscating the tractors and declaring the area as a military training base"

It should be marked that the Bedouin community of Al-Ras Al-Ahmar is inhabited by 12 Palestinian families, who lack basic life conditions and suffer from constant Israeli violations and attacks. Such practices are meant to displace people for the sake of taking their area over for the favor of colonial expansion.




The following table shows information about the affected people and their properties:

Affected citizen

Brand of confiscated tractor

Thaer Bsharat

Messy Ferguson

Rashed Bsharat

1986 Messy Ferguson

Ali Bani Oudeh

1972 Ford

Saqir Bani Oudeh

1989 Messy Ferguson

Ali Khadr Bani Oudeh

1975 Messy Ferguson


Sahel al-Bikai'a under the spot of targeting:

This area of 98800 dunums witnessed too many violations and attacks by the Israeli occupation over the past 40 years. Lately, the Israeli authorities confiscated 2km of water pipes that were used to move water from the area of Beit Djan to Sahel al-Bikai'a. Not only that, shepherds were not safe from the Israeli violations represented in dentition , sheep confiscation,  and physical assaults. Fines are imposed on shepherds as per restoring their sheep as a result. 

There is no doubt that the military training held in the area is destroying a big area of agricultural lands, crops and animal reproduction season.


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