The occupation threats to demolish agricultural structures in Yatta

The occupation threats to demolish agricultural structures in Yatta


Violation: threatening to destroy structures

Date: October 2014

Location: Jdo'an /Yatta

Perpetrators: the Civil Administration of Israel

Victims: citizens from Shawahin family


The authorities of the Israeli occupation threatened to demolish a agricultural structure in the area of Jdo'an, east of Yatta town – Hebron governorate. On 02/12/2013, citizen Ahamad Shawahin received a final stop work and demolition order on his structure after being delivered a stop work order on 28/12/2013.

Photo 1: the demolition order no.152633 served on Shawahin structure

Photo 2 : another demolition order no. 392143

Photo 3: a scene of the threatened structure

 Mahmoud Shawahin who is the son of the structure owner asserted that his father hired an attorney to object the orders but the Civil Administration accompanied by a patrol of the occupation visited, on October 1st,  the threatened facility and compelled immediate work termination and demolition on what has been recently built.

Part of the structure (cement walls only ) was intended to be a shelter for Shawahin and   his family (14 members) where the other part was planned to be a barn for animal husbandry. Noteworthy, the structure is of 170m2.

Not only that, the occupation, during the same visit, verbally notified citizen Khalil Shawahin that his tent is "unlicensed construction".

Photo 4: Khalil Shawahin tent

The patrol also checked two agricultural cisterns owned by Issa Shawahin and Mousa Shawahin,  informing their owners that the two structures are  "unlicensed construction".

Photo 5: a scene of the threatened cistern



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