Advertisement about depositing master plans for opening a road network

Advertisement about depositing master plans for opening a road network


Violation: Deposit of detailed master plans to open a colonial road network
Location: The Israeli colonies of (Beitav, Naomi, Mivot, Yeriho, Rimmonim).
Date: 13/06/2014
Perpetrators: The so-called Supreme Council of Planning/ Road Sub-Committee
Victims: People of Jericho


On June 13, 2014, the so-called Supreme Council of Planning/ Settlement Sub-Committee of the Israeli Civil Administration published an announcement on al- Quds Newspaper, page 15, about the deposit of four detailed master plans of a road network that only serves the Israeli colonies east of Jericho.

According to the announcement, the main objective of the plans is to organize the roads connecting the Israeli colonies in the area to make way for colonial expansion taking place in different colonies.  

Pictures 1-2: The road leading to Naomi colony/ An-Nuwei'ma, Jericho


The table gives information about the master plans deposited and the areas targeted:

No. of plan

Type and No.  of road

No. of blocks/ location

Beneficiary colony


Regional road no. 449

Natural blocks no. 14,15,19,26,20,24,3212,44 from al- 'Auja, north of Jericho

Mivot, Yeriho, and Rimmonim


Local road no. 4499

Blocks no. 4, 43, 41, 20, 19, and 17 from al-'Auja, north of Jericho



Regional road no. 449

An- Nuwei'ma land- Jericho

Within block no. 1



Regional road no. 460

Blocks no. 20, 25, 44 from al- 'Auja lands


At the time the Israeli occupation bans Palestinians from opening and / or rehabilitating roads; issues orders against them; denies Palestinians access to their agricultural lands and harasses farmers, it publishes advertisements about opening colonial roads on Palestinian lands for colonists only to facilitate their movement and transportation.    



Prepared by
The Land Research Center

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