Breaking in and burning 14 dunums in Jalod, Nablus

Breaking in and burning 14 dunums in Jalod, Nablus



Violation: Colonists broke in residences and burnt vast areas of land
Date: 12/08/2013
Perpetrators: colonists of "Yish Kodsh" and "Ahya"
Victims: Al Abad family from Jalod
On 12/08/2013, tenths of colonists broke in Al Abad’s place in the south eastern part of Jalod and between "Yish Kodsh" and "Ahya" colonies. Fanatic colonists attacked people in their houses and threw rocks on the houses and tried to burn a fence around the houses. People tried to stop the attack and chased after the colonists who already set fire to the near mountains and olive trees before managing to run away. The Israeli occupation then brought a fire truck to extinguish the fires that became a threat to the houses of the colony.






Pictures 1-7: scenes of the burnt lands and at the backdrop, houses of Ahya colony appear

This is not the first attack on Al-Abad family who live in fear of the fanatic colonists who tried more than once to take over their lands and houses adjacent to the colonies. Al-Abad own 7 houses that are 200 m away from "Yish Kodsh" colony. 53 members, 32 are children, live in the houses of Al-Abad.


Picture 8: The attack carried out by colonists on Jalod

 Picture 9: Fareeza Abad injured during the attack

Al-Abad and colonists:
To the east southern side of Jalod which is south of Nablus, fate has it that Al-Abad family would have neighbors that do not know mercy or manners. They illegally took lands away and who knows, they might also take the air from Al-Abad. 



Pictures 10-12: Al-Abad’s structures harmed by attacks

Living between two colonies, Al-Abad who are more than 50 people are under brutal attacks of colonists living nearby.


Picture 13: Members of Al-Abad in their lands and behind them "Yish Kodsh" outpost could be seen
The journey of suffering began in the second Intifada, when the outposts started with one house and soon enough, they became what they are today at a viral speed. Any passer-by find it difficult to believe that Al-Abad’s houses are inhabited. There are smashed windows and doors.
Kamal Al-Abad whose job has become to be the guard of the houses, explained: "Since we are between two colonies, each tries its best to excel the other in humiliating us. We have not known peace for long. All we think of is securing our houses and family against colonists’ racism and crimes."
Al-Abad also said that any escalation against colonists in the West Bank, they are sure to be the first to pay the price. He also pointed out that since is glass is not enough for protection, the family put iron around the windows which make the houses look like a prison.  
Even making a living has become difficult, according to Al-Abad who added: "We are vigil most of the time. We had to have groups that guard at night and groups that watch at day. So, we have people who confront the Israeli attacks and others who go to work. For protection, we use stones, the only weapon we have to defend ourselves from the attacks of colonies which take place before the eyes of the Israeli occupation that covers them up and even participates at times."
This is not an individual case; we have many Al-Abads who are susceptible to colonists’ attacks on daily basis.




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