Ravaging 41 olive trees in Tal Village

Ravaging 41 olive trees in Tal Village


Violation: colonists of Gilda Zohar ravage 41 olive trees.

Location: al Khawareeq area in Tal.

Victims: Azmi and Ramez Ishtaya.

Date: July 3, 2012.




On July 3, 2012, a group of Israeli colonists broke into al Khawareeq area in Tal village before ravaging and cutting 41 olive trees. The colonists took advantage of the restriction imposed on the Palestinian owners to roam the land freely and inflict as much damage as they could. The olives were the property of Azmi Ishtaya (23 trees) and Ramez Ishtaya (41 trees).




It must be noted that 5 years ago, the Israeli Occupation Authorities captured huge areas in Far’atta, Amatin, Surra, and Tal villages to establish Gilad Zohar outpost which have been expanding rapidly ever since.



Picture 1: Gilad Zohar outpost


In past years, the colony has been the starting point of tens of aggressions against the Palestinians; these aggressions intensify in the olive-picking seasons and include torching, cutting, and uprooting trees as well as physical and oral abuses against farmers, shooting at people and cattle, etc. The locals said that whenever an attack occurs, they complain to the Israeli Occupation Civil Administration against the colonists of Gilad Zohar, though they never acted to prevent such attacks.




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