Ravaging 120 Olive Trees in Yatma

Ravaging 120 Olive Trees in Yatma


Violation: colonists ravage 120 olive trees.

Date: July 5, 2012.

Perpetrators: colonists of Tipuah.

Victim: Badi’ Nassar.




‘Killing me would have been easier than seeing my trees like this’; with these simple words, the farmer tried to express his feelings towards the scene were most of his trees, which he spent over twenty years to grow, were brutally ravaged.





Picture 1-4: trees cut in Yatma



Picture 5: Tipuah colony and the targeted lands



On July 5, 2012, a group of colonists broke into an area known as ‘Al Hitan’ near Yatma. The colonists attacked the olive trees in the area, ravaging over 120 trees by cutting branches and uprooting trees. It must be noted that Palestinian olive trees are a usual target for colonists who know that Palestinian consider them as a symbol of their resilience and struggle. The colonists tend to spread fear and chaos by cutting, burning and uprooting olive trees and by destroying Palestinian properties.




The village is located 11 km to the south of Nablus city. It is surrounded by As Sawiya, Yasuf, Beita, and Qabalan villages. Its total area is 4411 dunums including 392 dunums of built up area which is inhabited by 2853 Palestinians. The village lost around 25.7 dunums to Rekhelim colony.




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