An Israeli Colonist Builds a Shack on Palestinian Property

An Israeli Colonist Builds a Shack on Palestinian Property


Violation: an Israeli colonist builds a shack on Private Palestinian property.

location: Ein Qissis, al Khader – Bethlehem.

date: July 5, 2012.

perpetrator: a colonist residing in the nearby colony of Hanan.

victim: Khader Issa.




On July 5, 2012, Issa Khader, 68, was shocked to see a room built in his lands by colonists; he has not received any confiscation orders or notifications. the owner said: ‘we did not wait; we headed to the Civil Administration Office in Ezyon immediately because we feared that colonists might do more than that‘.


the Israeli Police showed up and found a colonist standing by the room with tools in his hands. the Police ordered him to leave the property. the shack was built in a 5-dunum-field which is not planted.


Khader’s family has been suffering a lot due to colonists aggressions which included setting dogs at them. Khader filed numerous complaints against the colonists but to no avail. the owner is currently issuing documents that he thinks might help protect his lands considering the continuous expansion of the colony of Hanan. the Israelis prefer highlands and mountain tops and his land is located in a mountain top.


The colonists act is a cut clear clue on the fact that the Israeli Government is conspiring with the colonists to capture more Palestinian properties. nowadays, colonists grab lands without any regard to who owns it or how it is being used. This is considered an outrageous breach of the Palestinian rights to property which is granted by the Fourth Geneva Convention in regard to transfer of population, something that Israel has not respected since its occupation of Palestine in 1948.


Al Khader:


Al Khader is located 5 km to the west of Bethlehem city; it is connected by a road to the main road, Jerusalem – Hebron road which connects it to the surrounding cities. The village holds within a football stadium, a donation of the Portuguese Government; the work in the stadium started in 2000 through Bethlehem 2000  project, however, the construction stopped for a long time because of the second Intifada (uprising) events considering the location of the stadium near by-pass road (60). It was opened in 2007.


Area and Location:


Al Khader is 20100 dunums in area including 800 dunums of built-up area. The Israelis conquered 218 dunums of the village in 1948 and are trying to capture the rest of Al Khader fertile lands using the segregation wall.


The Israeli authorities confiscated huge parts og Al Khader lands to construct Ezyon colony in 1967(4500 dunums in area inhabited by 461 colonists) and Daniel in 1983 (200 dunums in area).





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