Cutting 22 olive trees in Ad Deirat

Cutting 22 olive trees in Ad Deirat


Cutting 22 olive trees in Ad Deirat


Violation: cutting and uprooting 22 olive trees.

Date: June 8, 2012.

Perpetrators: colonists of Karmael.

Victim: Ali al Adra.




An olive field in Ad Deirat, eastern Yatta, was attacked on June 8, 2012. Habib al Adra, the son of the owner said: ‘we were shocked to see 22 trees laying on the ground, cut down! We accuse the colonists of the nearby colonies like Karmael or colonists driving on the nearby by-pass. Cutting marks could be seen on the stems of the trees.





Picture 1-5: dead olives



The plot is located in an area known as Khallit Amira, in the eastern part of Ad Deirat, edging bypass ‘356’. He also pointed that many squash seedlings were damaged during the attack. He also said that they intend to file a complaint against the colonists.



Picture 6: uprooted seedlings


Al Adra said that his accusation are based on the fact that colonists carried out a similar attack on a nearby plot 3 months ago and uprooted are 200 seedlings. He also mentioned an attack on his brother Jafar who was threatened with a gun to give up four bags of wheat and some hay.





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