Ravaging 17 Olive Trees in Khallet Siwar, Burin Village – Nablus Governorate

Ravaging 17 Olive Trees in Khallet Siwar, Burin Village – Nablus Governorate
Violation: ravaging 17 olive trees (2-35 years old).
Location: Khallit Siwar – Burin.
Date: May 9, 2012.
Victims: the heirs of Abdul Qader Imran.
Perpetrators: Yizhar colonists.
On May 9, 2012, Israeli colonists broke into Palestinian lands and ravaged and cut 17 olive trees in Khallit Siwar area, 2 km to the built up area in Burin and 1 km to Yizhar.
Picture 1-2: damaged trees
It must be noted that such aggressions have increased since the beginning of the year; tens of similar incidents were reported while there was nothing to prevent such attacks despite tens of complaints to humanitarian agencies while knowing that such aggressions had occurred all around the West Bank.
Most of the incidents have been reported to the Israeli Police but faced with complete negligence. Ali Eid, Chairman of Burin Village Council said: ‘colonists of Yizhar are nothing but armed militias supported by the Israeli Government; they had been put like a dagger in the heart and the colony has been the launch pad for numerous aggressions and attacks against Palestinian lands. It is all set to serve the long term objective of cleansing the lands in order to take over it using trickery and violence. We, the residents of Burin, like the rest of Palestinian communities, are determined to remain and protect our lands and we will stand together in the face of the Israeli plans. The colonists will never overtake us as we have all the right to remain and no one cat take that right from us, no matter what’.
It must be noted that 80 % of Burin agricultural lands edge the colonies of Baracha and Yizhar, rendering it a target for colonial expansions. Most of these lands are classified as ‘closed military zones’ accessible in predefined times of the year in addition to the usual colonists aggressions on Palestinian lands in various areas which were carried out under the watchful eyes of the Israeli Army which provided them with protection, support, and probably coordination.
Hundreds of aggressions were recorded during the last 9 years, these included shooting at people, killing cattle, ravaging plants, etc. furthermore, there are 14 residences adjacent to the main road that suffer from day-to-day aggressions.

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