Confiscating Five Water Tankers in Wadi al Maleh

Confiscating Five Water Tankers in Wadi al Maleh




violation: confiscating 5 water tankers.

location: AL Himma and Ein Hilwa – Wadi al Maleh – Tubas.

date: May 23, 2012.

perpetrators: the Israeli Ocupation Army.

victims: various.




since the Israeli Occupation of the West Bank in 1967, the Israelis set the Jordan Valley area as its eastern state borders and they have been carrying out plans to ensure that. the Israelis placed numerous colonies, whether agricultural or residential in the area and have allocated huge budgets for the expansion and development of these colonies. At the same time, the Israelis made the Palestinian lives harder; they prohibited construction and hindered development by preventing laying infrastructure, confiscated rangelands, and even took over water sources. in addition, they deemed the nomads dwellings there illegal and unrecognizable.


On May 23, 2012, the Israeli Occupation Army confiscated 5 water tankers in al Himma and Ein Hilwa; justifying that by parking in a closed military zone. It is worth mentioning that these tankers were given as a donation to the people of Wadi al Maleh through the Palestinian Authority’s ‘supprting Bedouin Dwellings program’. See Table 1: victims:




Family members


Jameel Dababt





Rakan Bani Odeh





Sa’id Bisharat









*source: Field Observations – Monitoring Israeli Human Rights Violations Team – LRC



it must be pointed that the Israelis have set the Jordan Valley inhabitants as a target fopr their colonial plans; eviction of these people is a must by any means necessary. the people were deprived of their right to access to land and water sources while the Israelis raid the residential communities and confiscate various equipment, including water tankers. Not to mention the continuous and unstoppable demolitions of structures and the tiresome penalties imposed on the owners.



Picture 1: tankers in Wadi al Maleh


It must be noted that the operation took a month after a similar one were tents and and sheds were confiscated. Aref Daraghma(45), head of the Bedouins in the Northern Jordan Valley area said: ‘the Israelis are targeting the very existence of Palestinians in the area; not a day passes without hearing about demolitions, fields ravagings, and land confiscations in the area. none of the communities were soared, Makhool, Samra, al Hadidiyyah, Himsa, al Himma, al Faresiyya, Hamir, Ein Hilwa, etc; all of them were targeted. moreover, the Israelis confiscate water tankers and herds, defying all the international laws and conventions while silence of the entire word echos around‘.



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