Israeli Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory during the year 2010

Israeli Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory during the year 2010
The study deals with the Israeli violations and aggressive actions carried out against Palestinians during the year 2010 at the hands of the Israeli Occupation army and settlers. These violations are taking different forms such as targeting Palestinian properties (homes, barracks, animal barns, lands) that are located in areas classified as ‘C Areas’ according to the Oslo II interim agreement that was signed between Israel and the Palestinian liberation organization (PLO) on the 24th of September 1995, during which, the Palestinian territory was divided into areas A, B, & C. In Area A (17.7%, 1,004,805 dunums), the Palestinian National Authority had complete autonomy over administrative and security issues; in area B (18.3%, 1,035,375 dunums), the Palestinian National Authority has control only over civil responsibilities; while in Area C, Israel has full control (administrative and security issues) over the area which constitutes 61% of the total area of West Bank (3,456,442 dunums).
The Israeli actions and violations against the Palestinian population and properties come in the form of confiscating Palestinian lands to build Israeli Settlements and expand existing ones, in addition to constructing the Israeli segregation wall and the displacement of Palestinian people from their lands to make room for colonial plans to be implemented;  The violations also targeted the Palestinian economy through the destruction of agriculture and industrial facilities that constitute a major source of income for the majority of Palestinian families. The following table lists the Israeli violations that took place in the West Bank during the year 2010.  
Table 1: Israeli Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory during the year 2010
Land Confiscated (Dunum)
Uprooted Trees
Houses Demolished
Houses Threatened
Source: ARIJ Monthly Reports Database 2010
The pattern of land confiscation in the Occupied Palestinian territory
The Israeli occupation authorities continued their policy to confiscate Palestinian lands under various pretexts with the aim to build new settlements and neighborhoods and enlarge existing settlements to consolidate Israel’s colonial hold over the Palestinian land. Table 1 shows that a total of 13334 dunums of Palestinian lands have been confiscated in the oPT during the year 2010, where the Governorates of Ramallah and Hebron recorded the highest area confiscated. It is worth mentioning that the Israeli Occupation authorities have adopted laws in order to confiscate Palestinian lands which are:
The confiscation and destruction of Palestinian land is a clear violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention, Article 147 which clearly prohibits extensive destruction and appropriation of property, not justified by military necessity and carried out unlawfully and wantonly; and Article 49 of the Fourth Geneva Convention also states that: ‘ Individual or mass forcible transfers, as well as deportations of protected persons from occupied territory to the territory of the Occupying Power or to that of any other country, occupied or not, are prohibited, regardless of their motive.
This act of violation also contradicts with article 17 of the universal human rights declaration of 1948 which states ‘No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his property‘.  Figure 1:-

Uprooting of trees:
The attacks of the Israeli occupation army didn’t’ stop at confiscation of Palestinian lands and preventing land owners from utilizing their lands, but also included the bulldozing, burning and uprooting of trees which in turn has tremendous effects on the Palestinian agriculture and economy because trees, especially Olives, are a major commercial crop for most Palestinian communities in the Occupied Territory and many families depend on it for their livelihood. The uprooting of trees has been carried out under the various Israeli security pretexts which were later translated into the building and expanding of settlements, constructing of bypass roads and laying infrastructure for other military extensions. During the year 2010, the total number of uprooted trees in the occupied West Bank is 10309, where the Governorates of Hebron, Nablus, Bethlehem and Salfit recorded the highest number of trees uprooted either at the hands of the Israeli army or Israeli settlers especially during the Olive harvest season.
Article 23 of the Hague convention of 1907 states that it is forbidden ‘to destroy or seize the enemy’s property unless such destruction or seizure be imperatively demanded by the necessities of war.’ Figure 2:-
The demolition of Palestinian Properties in the oPT:
In addition to the aforementioned violations, the demolition of Palestinian houses has been the case which drew attention ever since the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian Territory in the 1967. During the year 2010, a total of 198 Palestinian houses were demolished in the West Bank, with particular focus on East Jerusalem communities and the Jordan Valley. These demolitions were mostly carried out allegedly for lacking building permits due to their location in the area classified as ‘C’ area which is fully administrated and controlled by Israel. The destruction of Palestinian properties, aims at driving Palestinians out of their homes and lands in an attempt to appropriate them in violation of international law such as article 49 of the fourth Geneva Convention states that ‘Occupying power shall not deport or transfer parts of its own civilian population into the territory it occupies.’ 
The Israeli occupation authorities also threatened to demolish around 1200 Palestinian houses in the oPT. The governorates of Jericho, Jerusalem and Hebron were among the Governorates which recorded the highest number of house demolition threats: Figure 3-
Issued Israeli Military Orders in the Occupied West Bank
Israel has always tried to escape its status as an occupier of the Palestinian Territory by attempting to justify its existence as an administrative to the occupied territory. For this reason, Israel resorted to military orders to validate its belligerent acts, using its infamous “military purposes” pretext to violate the international humanitarian laws and the United Nations Security Council resolutions.
Following the signing of the Oslo Accord in 1993, Israel has issued thousands of  military orders to contemplate its plans to consolidate its control over the occupied territory starting from building and expanding settlements and bypass roads, confiscation lands, etc. and ending up with the Segregation Wall. During the year 2010, the Israeli Army tens of military orders to carryout its plans, many of which were not made available for public; Table 2 lists the Israeli military orders that were issued for the various Israeli purposes:- . 
Issued IsraeliMilitary Orders in the Occupied Palestinian Territory during the year
Date MilitaryOrder No. / Owner Name Location Type of MilitaryOrder TargetedArea
December 21, 2010 T/26/10    Sawiyya villageSalfit Governorate Land Confiscation 0.25 dunums – for the purpose of constructing military observatories network surrounding Eli settlement
December 7, 2010 Jamil Mohammad Ameen, Murad Lutfi Ibrahim Musallam, Wasfi Mohammad Diyab Nahhalin Village -Bethlehem Governorate Halt of Construction 3 houses
December 6, 2010 12  military order (Mohammad Tahseen Sawaftah, Ahmad Tahseen Sawaftah, Ahmad Khanfis Rashayda, ‘Izzat Khanfis Rashayda, Hazza’ Falih Rabay’a, Hussein Falih Rabay’a, Falih Mahmoud Rabay’a, Mahmoud ‘Awwad Rashayda, Khalid Rushdi Sawaftah, Mahmoud Falih Rabay’a, Mahmoud Tahseen Sawaftah, Ra’fat Salih Rabay’a) Bardala village northeast of the city of Tubas Halt of Construction Houses and tin-shacks
November 29, 2011 147414, 147412,147413 (Mahmoud Ahmad Mahmoud Zawahreh, Awad Hasan Zawahreh, Khalil Al Rahman Mosque) Al Ma’asara villageBethlehem Governorate. Halt of Construction One mosque and two houses
November 21, 2010 (26 Orders), of which the following are listed 147590,147587, 147587,147587, 147587,147596,147586,147071,  147592,147070, 147591,147597, 147594, 147598, 147595,147589, 147585,147593,147582 Qibya VillageRamallah Halt of Construction 22 houses
November 11, 2010 144951, 144950, 144953(Khaled Hussein Al Omoor,  Ishaq Khaled Al Omoor, Khader Khaled Al Omoor) Ad Deirat – Hebron Governorate Halt of Construction 3 houses, one agricultural barracks and two water cisterns
November 4, 2010. 4 Orders
(‘Ali Muahamdeen, Mohammad Muahamdeen, Mohammad ‘Azazma, ‘Akef Muahamdeen)
Al Mahajer- Salfit Governorate Halt of construction 6 houses, 4 tin-shacks, 2 toilets, 4 stoves
November 3, 2010  10/02/H Beit Iksa village – northwest of Jerusalem city Land confiscation 50 dunums of lands for the interest of constructing the “Jerusalem-Tel Aviv Rail Line
October 28, 2010 Khalid Bisharat, Sa’id bani Odeh, Jamil bani Odeh, Yusuf bani Odeh Al Ras al AhmarTubas Governorate Evacuation 7 houses, 5 tin-shacks, 4 toilets, 3 stoves, one warehouse.
October 20, 2010 Ahmad Abed Rashid Tumeizi, Muhammad Hussein Abu As’ad, Jamal Ahmad Ibrahim Farajallah Wadi al Ballouta west of Idhna town – Hebron Governorate Halt of Construction water reservoirs and 6 agricultural Rooms,
October 2010 Basem Mohammad Hussein Al Omoor Village of Irfa’iyyaHebron Governorate Halt of Construction one storey with a total area of 100 m2
October, 2010   Khallet Jaber, south of Ifqiqis village- Hebron Evacuation 130 dunums under the pretext of being classified as State land
October 2010 Ali Ibreyoush Suba village west of Dura Town – Hebron Governorate Halt of Constriction Water pool and land reclamation
October 2010 Ahmad Abu Shkhedem Hebron City Halt of Constriction Agricultural Project
October 2010 Thaer Al Qawasmi Suba village west of Dura Town – Hebron Governorate Halt of Constriction Agricultural Project
October 2010 Nathmi Hreiz Suba village west of Dura Town – Hebron Governorate Halt of Constriction  
ctober 20,2010. Jamal ‘Amarna, Yasir Qabaha, Sabri Qabaha, and Adnan Qabaha. Barta’a Ash SharqiyaJenin Governorate. Eviction 4 coal factories
October 18, 2010  (‘Atef Zyab, Zaher Hamad, ‘Atef Hassan) Hajja villageQalqilyah Halt of Construction 3 residential structures, a barn
18 October and 25August, 2010 Nawwaf Sarhan Zagharneh, Salem Jaddou Zagharneh, Ahmad Suleiman Zagharneh, Khader Suleimna Zagharneh, Fayez Jaddou Zagharneh , Mihbash Zagharneh, Mansour Fuhaid Zagharneh, Raed Abdullah Zagharneh, Majed Khalil Abu Qa’ood, Abdullah Awwad Zagharneh Arab Ar-RamadinHebron Governorate Halt of Construction 9 water wells, 2 barracks, a house and a tin shack
October 14, 2010 145689,145683306007,306008
(Jamil al Najada, Khalid al Najada, Ibrahim al Najada, Mohammad Amer, Adnan Ka’abna, Ibrahim Ka’abna, Yusuf Ka’abna, Husein Ka’abna)
Khirbit Tawil al Shih – Yatta,  Hebron Governorate Halt of Construction 12 residential structures, 2 barns, a kitchen, a water circulate
October 12, 2010 T/23/10 Jalud and Al Mughayyer villages – Nablus Governorate Land Confiscation 0.028 dunums to establish a military base
October 12, 2010 T/21/10 Yanoun and Awarta Villages – Nablus Governorate Land confiscation 0.5 dunums to establish a military base
October 12, 2010. T/22/10) Kafr Kaddum village  – Qalqilyah Governorate Land Confiscation 11.245 dunums – for constructing a road
October 7, 2010 3/10 Beit Ummer – Hebron Governorate Land Evacuation Order Threatened land is estimated at 300 dunums
October 6, 2010 25/10/T Husan and Al Qabu villages – Bethlehem Govenrorate Land Confiscation 5.985 dunums
October 5th, 2010 Mohammad Barham Abu Daqqa, The village’s stadium, Abdel Hameed Mustafa Shalabi, Marwan Mohammad Ramez, Bashaer Saleh Abdel Hafez Abu Baker, Riyad Ahmad Sa’ad Qtaimish, Saleem Fakhry Saleem Al Taneib, Azzam Fayez Saleem Salman, Mohannad Rislan Zaki Omar) Far’oun village –  Tulkarem Governorate Halt of Construction 7 houses, 4 basements, 1 carpentry shop, 1 cow farm, 1 stadium
October 4, 2010 Mohammad al Nawaj’a, Fawziyya al Nawaj’a Kherbit Susiya,   south of Yatta town-Hebron Governorate Halt of Construction Three water wells and two water circulates.
October 4th, 2010 145667,145670,145666 (Ibraheem Ismaeil Al Nawaja’a, Fuad Ibrahim Al Nawaja’a, Nidal Ibrahim Al Nawaja’a, Khalil Al Nawaja’a, the village) Wadi Jheish, south of Khirbet Susiya Yatta, Hebron Governorate. Halt of Construction 5 residential tents, 3 animal tin shacks, one toilet, one barracks
October, 2010 Muhammad Issa Al ‘Imour, Khalil Muhammad Awad, Issa Khalil AlImour Um Lasfa – YattaHebron Governorate Halt of Construction 4 houses
September 20, 2010 146663, 146667, 146666, 146662, 146664, 146668, 146665 (Raed Fareed Othman Moqbil, Ayman Sa’eed Ahmad Gharaba, Thaer Kamal hasan, Ali Deib Ali Gharaba, Abdel Qader Mohammad Ghannam). Kufr Thulth villageQalqilyah Halt of Construction 5 houses and 2 Agricultural Barracks
September 20, 2010 Kamil Sha’oor, Kisab Sha’oor, Maher Sha’oor, ‘Adnan Sha’oor Al Ramadeen Al Janubi, Qalqilyah Governorate Halt of Construction 2 shacks, one stove and an agriculture structure
September 16, 2010 80 Palestinian Families Qarawat Bani Hassan village – Salfit Governorate Eviction 40 dunums lands
September 15h, 2010 147328,147326,147328 (Abdullah Mahmoud Abu Khair, Khaled Dawood Ahamd Abu Khair, Idrees Jibara Abdullah, Waleed Deeb Salem Khair, Jaser Ahmad Mahmoud Abdulah, Saeed Deeb Salem Abu Khair, Akram Abdel ghafer Jibara Hasan) Deir Ballut – Salfit Governorate Halt of construction 6 houses and an animal barn
September 11, 2010 Abdel Ghafer Jubara Husni Mustafa, Abdel Wahab Muhammad Abdullah, Idris Jubra Abdullah, Khaled Ahmad Abu Khair, Najeh Daoud Hussein Abdullah, Abdullah Mahmoud Abu Khair, Jaber Ahmad Mahmoud Abdullah and Abdel Wahab Husni Isssa Musa Deir Ballut villageSalfit Governorate halt of construction 8 Houses
August 15, 2010 Salah Jameel Yousef Dababat, Shamekh Mustafa Yousef Daraghma, Yehya Mustafa Yousef Daraghma, Allan Lafi Daraghma khirbat Al Farisiyya- Tubas Governorate Eviction 7 houses,4 barracks
August 9, 2010. Adel Ilayyan Zamel Daraghma, Ali Anees Bani Oudeh, Ali Zuhdi Abdullah Abu Muhsen (4 families), Hussein Zuhdi Abdulah Abu Muhsen) Ein Al Hilwa and Khirbet Al Farisiyya – Tubas Governorate Halt of Construction 13 houses, 12 barracks
August 9, 2010 146904, 146998, 146908, 146688, 146887, 146988, 146090,146676, 146983, 146682, 146995, 146683, 146697, 146997, 146963, Far’oun VillageTulkarem Governorate Halt of Construction 21 houses, 3 other structure and An area of 10 dunums
August 5, 2010 146688,146694, 146697,146693,146681,146683,146686,146693, 146683,146689, 146697,146692,146682,146687 Qarawet Bani HassanSalfit Governorate. Halt of Construction 28 houses, 1 mosque
August 3, 2010 431
(Bahjat Shihada mahmoud Harb, Mustafa Shihada Mahmoud Harb, Rateb Shihada Mahmoud Harb, Abdel Kareem Abdel Hameed Marrouh Hameida, Mamdouh Abdel Hameed Marrouh Hamieda, Faisal Abdel Hameed Marrouh Hameida, Bassam Mohammad Marrouh Hameida, Ghassan Mohammad Marrouh Hameida, Samer Ahmad Marrouh Hameida, Sufian Ahmad Marrouh Hameida, Sameer Ahmad Marrouh Hameida, Izz Al Dein Awad Musa Taher, Shams Al Dein Awad Musa Taher, Nour Al Dein Awad Musa Taher, Yousef Khamis Ahmad Harb.
Iskaka villageSalfit Governorate Evacuation  Around 25 dunums
July 30, 2010 Suleiman Ka’abna, ‘Atwah Ka’abna, Ahmad Ka’abna, ‘Abed Zawahra, ‘Ata Ka’abna Khirbit Um al Rashash, Duma – Nablus Governorate Eviction 9 houses, 8 farms
July 30, 2010 Fawzi Einyabosi, Tamim Masa’eed, Hafiz Masa’eed, Mohammad Masa’eed, Mis’ada Shreida, Hasan ‘Einyabosi, The Mosque, The Mosque’s toilet) Khirbit YirzaTubas Governorate Halt of Construction a mosque and 6 agricultural structures
July 27, 2010 Nayef Mohammad Tmeizi, Nayef Mohammad Tmeizi, Dawood Nayef Tmeizi, Abbas Nayef Tmeizi, Arafat Nayef Tmeizi, Mohammad Sami Tmeizi, Sabri Tmeizi Khallet Harb- west of Idhna Town – Hebron Governorate Halt of Construction 6 houses, 1 barracks
July 18, 2010 145117,145416,145419,145418,145423,145421,145422,145424, law 378(Mohammad Tahseen Hasan , Mahmoud Tahseen Hasan,  Mohammad Awwad Rashayda, Ahmad Khneifis Rashayda, Khaled Rushdi Sawafta, Mahmoud Faleh Rabaya’a , Ra’afat Faleh Rabaya’a, Hussein Faleh Rabaya’a, Hazza’a Faleh Rabaya’a, Faleh Mahmoud Rabaya’a) Bardala villageTubas Governorate Halt of Construction, Evacuation from a closed military area 4 houses, 5 sheep barns, 1 Zinc shelter, 5 agricultural barracks and fodder storage, 1 basement
June 17, 2010 305134 Marda villageSalfit Governorate Demolition A milled and paved 300-meter-long-road
July 15, 2010 Muhammad Ibrahim Jadallah, Muhammad Ahmad Isma’il Sa’ad, Ayman Khalil Mahmoud Sa’ad, Tayseer Muhamamd Khaleel Odeh. Kherbit Beit SkaryaBethlehem Governortae Halt of Construction 4 houses,1 shop
July 15, 2010
Zyad Talahma, Husein TalahmaMusab Talahma, Nidal Talahma, Fahmi al Masharqa, Isma’el al ‘Awawda, Khalil Talahma’Adnan Talahma, Jamal al Masharqa, Maher Sh’ar, Khalil al Masharqa, Munzir al Masharqa Al Burj village  – Hebron Governorate Halt of Construction 7 houses,2 sheds,3 barns
July 11, 2010 Ismael Abu Hamdiyya, Yasir al ‘Awawda Al Fahs, Hebronvillage, Dura Town – Hebron Governorate Halt of Construction  4-storey-building in addition to demolition order designated against an agricultural structure.
July 6, 2010 146078,146079 (Mahmoud Hijja heirs, Hilal Hijja) Burqa villageSalfit Governorate Halt of Construction 1 Residential, structure and 1 Industrial structure  (blacksmith)
July 4, 2010 Hammam Salamah , ‘Ali Jaber Haris VillageSalfit Governorate Halt of Construction 2 houses and a basement
June 27, 2010 Salih Daraghmah, Mohammad Daraghmah, Yasin Daraghmah, Fa’iq Daraghmah, ‘Adel Ulayyan, Hamad ‘Awad, Mohammad ‘Awad, Zyad Sawatfa, Hasan abu Odeh, ‘Adnan Daraghmah Al Farisya- Tubas Governorate Eviction 35 Residential structures, 33 Agricultural structures
June 23, 2010 Fadi Taha, Nawal AhmadSamir Naji, Jamal Ahmad, Zayed Ahmad, Khaled Ahmad Kafr ad DeikSalfit Governorate Halt of Construction 6 houses
June 22, 2010 Yahiya Nabhan, Abdel Fattah Rashid Bashir, Hammad Saleh ‘Id, Basil ‘Ayed Sabra, Mohammad ‘Ayed Sabra, ‘Atiyya Rayyan Jinsafut villageQalqilyah  Governorate Halt of Construction 3 houses, 1 commercial structure,1 Industrial structure,2  agriculture structures
June 22, 2010 Stop work order Kafr QaddumQalqilyah Governorate Halt of Construction Road milling works
June 21, 2010 Abdel- Rahim Hussein Bisharat, Mohammad ‘Ali Bani ‘Odeh, ‘Abdel-Mahdi Riyyad Salamin, Harb Suleiman Abu Al-Qbash, Isma’il Freikh Abu Al-Qbash, Ibrahim Issa Abu-Al-Qbash Al Hadidieyh and Khirbet Humsa- Tubas Governorate Demolition and Eviction 6 Residential Barracks
June 10, 2010 (Basim At-Tamimi, Saleh Mohammad Ayyub, Samir At-Tamimi, Mohammad Rushdi At-Tamimi, Mohammad Ibrahim At-Tamimi, Abdul Hafiz At-Tamimi, Haitham Ibrahim  At-Tamimi, Mohammad Mahmud Ahmad At-Tamimi, Firas Zuheir Ar-Rimawi) An-Nabi Saleh village – Ramallah Governorate Halt of Construction 9 houses, animal Sheds and Barrackses
June 9, 2010. Solomon Shimlawi, Nayif Souf Haris villageSalfit Governorate Halt of Construction 3 houses
June 9, 2010 Ibrahim Salem Ibbayat, As’ad Rashayda, Issam Ibrahim Salem Ibbayat, Muhammad Jdei’ Rashayda Fasayel villageJericho Governorate Halt of Construction 3 houses, 1  sheep barn
  May 4, 2010 and June 8, 2010 Husam Zein Ad Dein, Faris Zein Ad Dein, Salah Zein Ad Dein, Ibrahim Zein Ad Dein, Omar Zein Ad Dein, Husam Zein Ad Dein, Yousif  Zein Ad Dein, Mustapha Zein Ad Dein, Abdul Halim Muhsin, ‘Issa Zein Ad2 Dein, Sa’a1da Zein 1Ad Dein, Mohammad Zein Ad Dein, ‘Ahed Zein Ad Dein, Muhsen Zein Ad Dein, Subhi Zein Ad Dein, Ahmad Zein Ad Dein  Majdal Bani FadilNablus Halt of Construction 13 houses, 3 Agricultural facilities / barns
June 6, 2010 Jum’ah bani Odeh, Iyad bani Odeh, Mohammad bani Odeh, Mustapha bani Odeh, Abdullah Bisharat Al Ras Al Ahmar–  Tubas Governorate Halt of Construction 5 agricultural shacks, 5 tents,3 stoves
June 6, 2010
Mujahid Fayyad and Amina Bani Odeh are among the threatened Families Kherbit ‘AtoufTubas Governorate
Closed Military Area
June, 2010 (10/17/T) Wadi al HusseinHebron Governorate Land Confiscation 0.750 dunums
May 25, 2010 305280,305200,305292,305294305201,305293(‘Izzat al Najjar, ‘Izzat al Jabarin, Hatem al Jabarin, Sh’ab al ButumHebron Governorate Halt of Construction 5 tents,  5 barns, 3 toilets, 2 Chicken hut, Room, Water tank, kitchen, Stove
May 24, 2010 Nayif Snobar
, Munir Snobar,
 Mohammad B Najjar,
 Ma’moun Snobar,
 Mohammad M Najjar,
 Bahjat Najjar,
 Zeidan Snobar,
 Ayoub Najjar,
 Khalif Snobar
Yatma VillageNablus Halt of  construction 9 houses and 2 basements
May 14, 2010 Wajeeh Naser Abu ‘Oleiyya,
Mahmoud Abu ‘Oleiyya,
Mousa Abu ‘Oleiyya,
Hussein Jabir,
Mohammad Hamed,
Zayed Mahmoud,
Ahmad Mahmoud,
Ahmad Mahmoud,
 Monir Mohammad Abu ‘Oleiyya,
 Monir Mohammad Abu ‘Oleiyya,
 Monir Mohammad Abu ‘Oleiyya,
 Hussein Mahmud
Al Mughayer villageRamallah Governorate Halt of Construction 12 houses, 1 stone factory
May 10, 2010 142467,142460,
142466, 142472,
142470 (Jibreel al Sarahna
, Jibreel al Sarahna
, Mahmoud al Sarahna
, Mahmoud al Sarahna
, Khalid al1Sarahna
, Samir Hleqawi
, Sami abu Fuda
, ‘Abeer al Tarman)
Al Fawwar campHebron Governorate.
Halt of Construction 3 houses, 3 Water wells, 1 Warehouse, 1 Agricultural room, 1 Bower
May 9, 2010 (Haroun al Tarayra
, Moh’d al Tarayra
, Moh’d al Tarayra
, Suleiman al Tarayra
, Suleiman al Fheili
, Hasan Mteira
, Qahir Harahsha
, Samir Harahsha
, Abdul Salam al Tarayra
, Ibrahim Mwas
, Dawoud al Tarayra
Bani Na’im- Hebron Governorate Halt of Construction 9 residence, 3 warehouses
April 21 and May 3, 2010 ‘Atif Hanani
, Shahir Hanani
, Najih Fatafta
Khirbit TanaNablus Governorate Evacuation and halt of construction Evacuation and halt of construction
Agricultural structures
May 3 and 4, 2010 145479,145478,
145477 (Zahir abu Zalta, Mohammad abu Zalta, ‘Awad abu Zalta)
Idhna town  – Hebron Governorate Halt of Construction A house and two warehouses
April 29, 2010, Law No. 378 Ein Hilwa – Tubas Governorate Land Seizure  
April 18, 2010
Fayeq Ahmad Sbeih
, Ali Zuhdi Ali Abu Muhsen
Al Ramouz- Halhul, Hebron Governorate Halt of Construction 3 houses, 1 water pool
April 15, 2010 Fayeq Ahmad Sbeih
, Ali Zuhdi Ali Abu Muhsen
, Taleb Radi Omar
Khirbet AlFarisiyaTubas Governorate Demolition and Evacuation 4 water pumps
April 15, 2010. T/10/10 Tel Rumeida- Hebron Governorate Land Confiscation 1.5 dunums
April 13, 2010. Azzat Khader Jabareen
, Musa Al Hajj Hasan
, Yousef Isma’eil Al Najjar
, Izzat Jibreen Al Najjar
, Mahmoud Musa Al Najjar
, Ishaq Al Jabareen
Shu’ub Al Butumyatta, Hebron Governorate Halt of Construction 9 tents,6 animal barns, 1 tin shack
April 11, 2010 Among owners: Izzat Rizq Rayyan, Abdel Al Kareem Rayan Qarawet Bani HassanSalfit Gvernorate Halt of Construction Stop the construction of a 1300 meters long road
March 28, 2010 T/12/10 Awarta VillageNablus Governorate Land Confiscation 2.5 dunums
March 24, 2010. 145396,145397,
law 378 (Moh’d Bani Odeh
, Ghalib Bani Odeh
, Abdul Rahim Basharat)
Al Hadidiya and Samra – Tubas Governorate Halt of Construction 3 barns,2 outdoor stove,1 house
March 15, 2010. Ala’a and Mohamma1d Siyam Al Walajeh VillageBethlehem Demolition Two houses
March 15, 2010 (T/14/10), (T/15/10) Betunia and At TiraRamallah Governorate Land Confiscation 173.22 dunums
March 14, 2010 14/03/T Rachel’s TombBethlehem, Bethlehem Governorate  Land Confiscation 26.2 dunums
March 14, 2010 T/34/03 Al Jalama VillageJenin Governorate Land Confiscation 16 dunums
March 12, 2010 Na’im Othman Abu Hammad, Amer Yaser Mahmoud, Muhammad Musa Au Hammad, Muhammad Musa Abu Hammad, Adlah Musa Hammad, Sameer Muhammad Issa and Hani Muhammad Issa Wad Al Nis villageBethlehem Governorate Halt of Construction 6 houses
March 10, 2010 (78/04/T) Beit Liqya- Ramallah Governorate Land Confiscation 10 dunums
March 8, 2010 Blocks 5, 7 , 8 Anata townJerusalem Governorate Land Confiscation 39  dunums
March 8, 2010 (05/26), (05/36) Nahhalin villageBethlehem Governorate Land Confiscation 11.4  dunums
March 4, 2010 145551,145550,
(Zyad al Shawamra
, Ibrahim Harbiyat
, Tawfiq Harbiyat
, Amjad Harbiyat
, Sami Harbiyat
, Munir Harbiyat
, ‘Asef Kashur
, Yousuf Kashur
, Ra’fat Kashur
, Riyad Kashur
, Yasir al ‘Awawda
 Beit ar Rush al Fauqa and Deri al ‘Asal – Hebron Governorate. Halt of Construction 8 houses, 3 Stores, 1 Agricultural shack, 1 Chicken farm 
March, 2010
Kardala VillageTubas Governorate Land Confiscation Turning 50 dunums of land into a military Zone
  February 24, 2010. Al ‘Abbasi, Alshyoukhi, Alsalfiti, Alhaymoni, ‘Alqam, Miswada, Ghanim, Alsalayma, and Attawil families Al ‘Abassiya neighborhood, Silwan – Jerusalem Governorate Demolition 11 houses
February 18, 2010 Mohammad Jabarin
, ‘Issa Jabarin
, ‘Ali Jabarin
Kherbit Ibziq- Tubas Governorate Eviction 3 Tents,3 Traditional
stoves,2 barns 
February 17, 2010 KamelUbeidat Ash Sheikh JarrahJerusalem Governorate Land Confiscation NA
February 16, 2010 NA Beit Hanina TownJerusalem Governorate Demolition Five storey building (8 apartments)
February 16, 2010 NA Ash Sharqiyeh neighborhood in Beit Hanina
3 buildings (32 apartments)
February 16, 2010 Najati al J’abari, M’otasim abu Rmeilah, and Samir al Salaymah Bab Al-‘Amoud, Old city of Jerusalem Evacuation 5 commercial shops
February 15, 2010 Wajih abu Mria Beit UmmarHebron. Halt of construction an agricultural shack, a bower, and a green house
 February 15, 2010 Habis Al’alami Beit Ummer –Hebron Governorate. a chance to object to a demolition order a tent used for seedlings and agricultural equipment sales.
February 15, 2010 Yousuf al ‘Adra, Nasir al ‘Adra Ad Deirat VillageHebron Governorate Halt of Construction Two residences, a water reservoir, and a barracks (used to shelter cattle).
February 15, 2010 Ad Deirat Village Council Ad Deirat Village Hebron Governorate Halt of Construction Electricity Network
February 15, 2010 Ad Deirat Village Council Ad Deirat VillageHebron Governorate Halt of Construction A school composed of 8 classes designed to serve 100 students.
February 10, 2010 Jum’a Mahmoud, Jihad Ibrahim Qabha and Abdel ‘Aziz Abu Salah.   Barta’a Ash SharqiyaJenin Governorate Halt of Construction 3 houses
February 5, 2010.  ‘Isam Basalat
, Riyad Bashir
, Moh’d Sabra
Hajja and Jinsafut villages – Qalqilyia Governorate  Halt of Construction Chicken Farm, Marble processing facility, a house
February 5, 2010. Hafiz al Hreini Al Karmil villageHeron Governorate Halt of construction One house
February 2, 2010 Khaled al Jakharma
, Abdullah al Jakharma
, Solomon al Jakharma
, Moh’d al Jakharma
, Noman al Jakharma
 Arab ar Ramadin ash Shamali – Qalqilyah
Halt of Construction 5 houses,1 Barn
February 1, 2010 Ashraf al Shamisti
, Hatim al Shamisti
, Amir al Shamisti
At Tuwani villageHeron Governorate Halt of  construction 5 houses
February 1, 2010 144965 (Na’man Hamamdeh) Khirbet Al MufqaraHebron Governorate Halt of Construction A house
 January 27, 2010 (1/10)
(Mohamed Ibrahim ‘Adi, Ali Ibrahim ‘Adi, Mahmud Ibrahim ‘Adi, Ibrahim Ibrahim ‘Adi, Issam Ahmed Sleibi)
Surif villageHebron Governorate Declaring State Land 386 dunums
January 27, 2010 Mustapha al
Ruwaidi, Walid al Rajabi, and Abdul Karim Abu Sneinah, Jum’a al Ruwaidi, Salah abu Shaf’I, Basim abu Zyab
Al Bustan
Neighborhood – Jerusalem Governorate
Demolition 6 houses
 January 27, 2010 Many Palestinain Families in the Town Al ‘Isawiya TownJerusalem Governorate Demolition 26 structures
 January 27, 2010 Abdul Rahman Abu Farha Old City – Jerusalem Governorate Demolition 1 House 
January 27, 2010, Hashim Musa Najjar
, villagers of Burin
Burin village, Nablus Governorate Halt of Construction Under construction stores, under construction mosque
January 25, 2010 Najih and Farhan al J’abari Qizon Area – Hebron Governorate Halt of construction   2 houses
January 22, 2010 14/10/T Betunia TownRamallah Governorates Land Confiscation NA
January 19, 2010, Zaher Fihmi Rihan Bani Minia
, Atiya Fihmi Rihan Bani Minia
, Zahi Fihmi Rihan Bani Minia
Aqraba villageNablus Governorate Evacuation 3 animal sheds
January 17, 2010  Mohammed Abdul Latif Sweidan
, Ibrahim Hussein Ghannam
Azzun villageQalqilyah Governorate Halt of construction Under construction house, Marble factory
January 13, 2010 Khalil Al’alami, Sabir abu Maria, and Khader Al’alami Beit Ummer –Hebron Governorate. Discontinue violating lands included in the road.’ 2 repair shops and an open display area
January 8, 2010 Rami Saleh Qabha, Nael Ibrahim Qabha, Muhammad Ash Sheikh ‘Ali, Muhammad Daoud Qabha, ‘Ayesh Mustafa Qabha, Muhammad Ahmad Qabha, ‘Ala Ahmad Qabha, Yahya Yousif Qabha, Ahmad Saleh Qabha Barta’a Ash SharqiyaJenin Governorate Halt of Construction  9 houses
January 4, 2010. 144257,144256
(Ahamd Salamah
, Nassir Moh’d
, Mousa Ribi’i
, ‘Issa Ribi’i
, Isma’el al ‘Adra
, ‘Ali al ‘Adra
, Zyad Younis
, Mousa Moh’d
, Nibal Ribi’i
Khirbet Bir al ‘IddHebron Governorate Halt of Construction 9 Residential tent, 8 barns
January 4, 2010 Firas Khlil Rabee‘, Hani Muhammad, Zayd Mahmoud Qasem Bani Maniya Aqraba villageNablus Governorate Demolition 3 houses
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