A Military Order Advocates turning “‘Ein al Hilwa” into a Military Zone

A Military Order Advocates turning “‘Ein al Hilwa” into a Military Zone
Violation: turning a Palestinian region into an Israeli Occupation military zone.
Date: April 29, 2010.
Violators: the Israeli Occupation Army.
Location: ‘Ein Hilwa region located in Wadi al Malih – about 20 km to the east of Tubas – in the northern valley area.
It is known for its fertile lands and the availability of water which, beside its warm climate, formulate the perfect agricultural environment.

Picture 1: a glimpse of ‘Ein al Hilwa
Picture 2: life of ‘Ein al Hilwa nomads
On April 29, 2010, the Israeli Occupation Army handed the residents of the hamlet a military order. According to the order, ‘Ein al Hilwa will be turned into an Israeli Army military zone and the Palestinians residents will be driven out of it. They won’t be allowed to live there any longer; they won’t be allowed to even benefit from their lands.
The order has been issued as a response for the eviction of a group of Israeli colonists who placed a tent near the rural community of ‘Ein al Hilwa few days earlier. The order, if carried out, will isolate more than 3000 dunums of Palestinian lands and will deprive the owners from living on their lands which they have deeds proving their ownership.
Order 1-3: The militaryorder

70% of Wadi al Malih lands have been turned into military zones
Such military orders have been having a horrific effect on the simple people lives. Residents’ numbers have decreased dramatically because of the continuous aggressions held by the Israeli Occupation Army and the Israeli colonists.
70% of the total area of Wadi al Malih was converted into military training grounds. In addition to the mine fields that spread all around the area and between the simple houses of the villagers. During the last five years, many injuries happened due to random shooting and the hidden mines.
2 years ago, a child was killed when he stepped on a mine while helping his father in shepherding. Moreover, seven Israeli colonies and military encampments stretch in the area where five Palestinian rural communities exist. The Israeli cancerous entities are expanding rapidly and consuming as much Palestinian lands as possible.
The Palestinians are deprived from their basic rights. Even their simple metal houses that are built out of steel and can barely be considered as a shelters are under constant demolition threats when the slightest change happen.
Most of the families (more than 460 families consisting of 2700 members) are facing their most terrible fears, which is being homeless.
Picture 3: an Israeli military zone – no trespassing
It must be mentioned that colonization in the northern valley area has a double impact on Palestinian lives. Colonization in those areas is not limited to colonies expansion but also it is a process of exploiting the Palestinian lands, a process called ‘economical colonization’. The profits generated during the process are used by the colonies councils in order to further expand other colonies.
Colonists bullying Palestinians in Wadi al Malih:
During April 2010, Maskiyyot colonists have escalated their aggressions against the Palestinians living in Wadi al Malih and their lands. This happened concurrently with a bid presented by the Israeli government for building thousands of residential units in and around the Occupied City of Jerusalem.
The Israeli colonists are taking charge of the expansion of the colonies in the Jordan valley. They moved hundred of caravans in the area to allow more colonists to move in. Moreover, Israeli contractors are laying foundation for an infrastructure that is supposed to serve the colony.
Picture 4: Maskiyyot expanding on Palestinian lands
On April 25, 2010, a group of Maskiyyot colonists built a tent near the rural community of ‘Ein al Hilwa which is inhabited by 43 families (370 people). The area overlooks Jordan Mountains and it has been a target of the Israelis since the conquest of the West Bank in 1967. The Israelis use these colonists as means for taking control of land without the need for any official statements or announcements.
The Palestinian residents are carefully watching the colonists’ actions in the area. It is obvious that the step taken by the colonists is nothing but a prior step to adding a colonial nucleus that follows Maskiyyot colony which is less than 100 meters away. The tent placed by the colonists was placed 3 meters away from one of the Palestinian families’ tents.
On May 1, 2010, the Israeli Army demolished the Israeli tent and a Palestinian tent. It must be pointed that the colonists have been trying for five consecutive days to drag the Palestinians out of the area by shooting in the air and unleashing their dogs in the rural community of ‘Ein al Hilwa.
They also harassed the shepherds and tried to prevent them from reaching the grazing areas at the top of the nearby mountains. Moreover, the Israeli Occupation Army has never hesitated in attempting to assist the colonists. They have been trying to drive the Palestinian out using the pretext of ‘Maskiyyot security’.
It must be known that the nomads have been residing in the area for 70 years, before the establishment of the ‘state of Israel’. Also, they have deeds proving their ownership of the lands.

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