The Israeli Occupation Cuts Off Agricultural Roads in Qalqilia Governorate

The Israeli Occupation Cuts Off Agricultural Roads in Qalqilia Governorate

Israeli occupation forces have closed down two agricultural roads in the city of Qalqilia in the early days of November 2008. These forces have placed earthmounds across the two roads thus preventing Palestinian farmers from using it. The two roads are as listed below:


1- The “Marj Al Khoukh” agricultural road.  This 2-kilometer road has been closed down more than once during the years of current Intidafa. The road is located north of the eastern entrance to the city of Qalqilia. It leads to the farms in the northern parts of the city as well as to the Tsufin agricultural gate. It also leads to tens of agricultural dunums filled with citrus and olive trees.   


Photo 1: “Marj Al Khoukj” agricultural road.


2- The “Khillat Al A’ama” agricultural road. This road is located northeast of the lands isolated behind the Racist Wall. It begins from Gate 1037 then branches out to a number of roads the length of each is 2 kilometers. More than 560 farmers own lands reached using this road.


Qalqilia governorate contacted a number of legal organizations regarding the closure of these two roads in order to remove them. The Israeli so-called “Civil Administration” was also contacted for the same purpose. Yet, the suggestion to remove the closures was totally rejected. Instead, Gate number 1050 (located 1.5 kilometers west of Gate 1037) would be used by the Palestinian farmers as an alternative. This means that the farmers will have to walk an additional 1.5 kilometer to reach their lands due to the closure of the two roads. Also, it was agreed that Gate 1050 will start functioning at 5:00 AM rather than 7:00 AM as to compensate for the additional distance.


Photo 2: Gate 1050


It is worth pointing out that occupation forces did not abide by the agreement to open the gate under the pretext of the Jewish holidays. As such, the Palestinian farmers were disoriented regarding the opening and non-opening of the gate. This has also affected the ability of the farmers to collect their olives as occupation forces have given only a limited amount of time to start and finish the olive collection process.


On the other hand, Israeli occupation forces have imposed new restrictive procedures on the farmers of Qalqilia including the following:

  • Each Palestinian owning lands located behind the Racist Wall cannot access his isolated land without a permit issued from the so-called “Civil Administration.” Such permits take a long time to be issued.

  • In the areas located in the vicinity of colonies, occupation forces have decided to allow Palestinians enter these lands to collect their olives in the time period between the 20th and 31st of November. This is considered too late which would give the chance to the colonists to steal the olive yield for this year before the Palestinians can.



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