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Israel escalates house demolition campaign in occupied Jerusalem

  Introduction: Israel escalated its policy of house demolition in Jerusalem district during the first half of the current year, 2003 by benefiting from the outbreak of the aggressive war


Land Grab in the western rural areas of Bethlehem Governorate

  Taking advantage of the curfew imposed on Al-Arqoub area (an agglomeration of Palestinian villages located at the western side of Bethlehem district such as Husan, Battir, Nahaleen and Wadi

Military Orders

Israel announces the confiscation of 7000 dunums of Palestinian owned land in Jerusalem

    On June 27th, 2003, and at the time the Palestinians were announcing their agreement on truce and ceasefire, the Israeli occupation authorities proclaimed the confiscation of about 7000

Settlers Attacks

Kiryat Arba’ settlers in Hebron carry out continuous attacks against the Palestinian family of Dana

    Location: Hebron city, adjacent to Kiryat Arba' settlement, Wadi Al-Nasara area. Owner of the land: Inheritors of Mr. Hasan Dana, official documents of ownership are available. Total area:

Settlement Expansion

Israeli settlement Activities continue despite the latest understanding

  The Israeli Government allocates U$ 5,116,279 dollars to support colonies in the Palestinian territories (Yediot Ahranot, July 2003). Money will be invested for the development of Israeli colonies in


The withdrawal of the Israeli Occupation Forces out of Area A from Bethlehem District

  On the second of July, 2003, the Israeli army declared its withdrawal out of area A from Bethlehem district. This act should be clarified as the re-introduction of the