Israeli Aggression Impinges On Animals Too

Israeli Aggression Impinges On Animals Too


It is already well known that Israeli occupational forces consistently violate human rights in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. But apparently they have little respect for animal rights as well. 

Palestinian farmers have lost livestock to Israeli attacks in increased proportions since the Aqsa intifada.  This results in great financial losses, as animals are large investments and their value is cumulative over the years as they produce offspring.  In some cases farmers lose a means of transportation and labor. 

Such a case occurred in the town of Beit Jala, near Bethlehem on April 25, 2001.  Two young boys were riding their horses when, suddenly and without warning, Israeli soldiers began shooting from a military base on a nearby hill.  The two boys, along with other children playing in the area ran for cover.  The boys escaped but both horses were killed by Israeli fire; see photo 1 and photo 2. and .


One of the horses was pregnant.  The other had a young colt, which suffered minor injuries.  Witnesses reported that the young colt, too young to understand what murder is, was still trying to suck from his mother's breast.  The market value of these horses was approximately 5,000 US$; a large sum for a Palestinian farmer.  The owners of the horses hope that the colt can be fed milk by hand and be raised healthy; see photo 3.  Until then, they have to do with what is left of their livestock..  Until then, they have to do with what is left of their livestock.


One must ask what kind of military necessity could possibly have precipitated Israeli soldiers to open fire in a residential area in which children were playing or horses were passing by.  Such attacks are in fact not motivated by military needs at all but are meant to punish the Palestinian people, destroy their livelihoods, and strike fear in every Palestinian household.  Unfortunately for the Israelis, such tactics don't work with the Palestinian people or with the Palestinian animals.  On May 15th, the orphan horse participated in the protest march commemorating the Al Nakba (great Palestinian catastrophe), see photo4


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The Applied Research Institute – Jerusalem

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