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The Hardships Resulting From Blockading Villages In Ramallah District

  Rantis is a Palestinian village located 9 km northwest of Ramallah city. Rantis has suffered much under the Israeli occupation. On two occasions since 1967, the village has been


Isolation Policy Implemented By Israeli Army in the Occupied Territories

    Introduction: Jerusalem is considered to be the epic center of Palestinian polity, culture, economic and spirituality. Such significance came as Jerusalem is at the heart and the capital


Research Difficulties during the Current Situation

    Since the establishment in 1990, the Applied Research Institute-Jerusalem has recognized the importance of the agricultural sector and has focused its work on applied research and on-farm field


Damages to Palestinian Buildings In Bethlehem

    Since mid-October, the Israel army has been shelling Beit Jala from tanks located in Gilo settlement and from attack helicopters. In the beginning, their shooting was in response to


Moving Checkpoints Eastwards – settlements Effectively Annexed

  Israel ushered in the year 2001 by redrawing the 1949 Armistice Line. In seven locations in the West Bank, checkpoints have been moved several kilometers eastwards; ostensibly for security


The Withdrawal Percentages, What Do They Really Mean?

    Lately there has been a lot of talk about the percentage of land the Israelis are 'willing' to withdraw from in the West Bank. And these percentages have


Israel’s Double Standard Towards Environmental Protections Highlighted by the current situation …
Prepared by Dr. Mohmed Ghanayem, Nizar Qattosh & Beatrice Filkin

    Introduction Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories are environmentally unsustainable, incongruent with indigenous land use and are a source of regional conflict. Palestinian objection to the existence