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Israeli Violations

Forty Five Heads of Shami Goats are Killed by the Israelis in Tubas Governorate

    On December, 3, 1998, forty-five heads of shami goats, which belong to a Palestinian farmer in 'Ein El-Bayda (Figure 1), were killed as a result of eating Sefsan

Military Orders

Four Houses Threatened with Demolition in An Nu’man Village in Bethlehem District

    The District of Bethlehem is located in the southern part of the West Bank, south of Jerusalem. It has an area of approximately 600 square kilometers. In 1997


Another House Demolition in Al Walaja

  Al Walaja is a village lying about 4 kilometers northwest of Bethlehem. The village used to be farther west but Israeli forces completely destroyed it after the 1948 war.